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What is DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) ?

Diesel Particulate Filter is a device designed to remove and reduce exhaust gas emissions like hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxides (CO), particles and to meet exhaust gas regulations. It makes filtration of diesel particulate matter or soot from exhaust gas to the air. They are commonly made of silicon carbide (SiC) and coated with metal. They have a honeycomb shape ceramic body which is fixed in a metal cover.

Attention: If diesel particulate or sooth is accumulated in DPF, engine performance may decrease.

Lubex Full Synthetic DPF formulated Motor Oils

These are high performance synthetic motor oils having ultimate detergent and anti-wear properties. .
They are specially designed to prolong life time and increase efficiency of exhaust systems in all type of diesel and gasoline cars. In addition to protection, they also help fuel saving.
These oils are fully compatible with latest technology diesel particulate filters (DPF) and catalytic converters (CAT) in gasoline vehicles.
Having low sulfur, ash and phosphor provides longer filter lifetime and protects environment. Maximum fuel economy will be provided by low ash and special viscosity values.
Latest technology additives are used in these oils and this keeps engine clean, decrease frictions and increase engine life.
High oxidation stability decreases soot and sludge, and increases oil change intervals.
They prevent and protect sludge on valves, perform high performances with synthetic technology.