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LFT Technology

LFT is developed to adapt new engine technologies, for motor-sports and racing fans.

LFT oils provide high performance and protection during low temperature pumping and high temperature flow. Also high temperature stability and friction control leading to the protection against deposits are superior. Thanks to its molecules in more uniform size in the formulation, it reduces friction in your engine, resists against oxidation, maintains excellent viscosity control and minimizes harmful particles in engine parts. All these properties of LFT oils provide less engine wear, low fuel consumption and keep your engines running like new.

During engine start-up or cold weathers it is harder for conventional oils to be pumped throughout your engine. This situation causes friction between parts and wears on parts. However Lubex oils with LFT technology immediately start circulation in the system and protect all engine parts while cleaning them as well. LFT oils are cleaner and more environment friendly in terms of sulphur, reactive unstable carbons and undesirable pollutant contents of standard oils.

LUBEX LFT oils have big advantages against standard oils;

  • Provide fuel economy, more engine power and torque to the vehicle.
  • Decrease fuel consumption and performance losses.
  • Decrease oil break-downs to minimum levels
  • Lubricate faster during engine start-up and cold weathers
  • More resistant to break-downs at high temperatures
  • Clean engine and increase performance
  • Decrease oil consumption during high speed drives

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