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Performance Tests

This test determines the lowest temperature at which movement of the oil is observed. The pour point of oils provides an indication of the lowest temperature of its utility in certain applications.
This test method covers the determination of % evaporation loss of engine oil.
This test method covers the laboratory determination of apparent viscosity of engine oils by cold cranking simulator (CCS) at temperatures between -5 and -35°C.
It is the test where the oil’s resistance to flow is measured. It is measured at 100°C for applications in automotive industry. The unit for kinematic viscosity is mm2/s or Centistokes (cSt).
This test determines the flash and fire point of the oil. These values are important to provide work safety.
This test method covers the prediction of the borderline pumping temperature (BPT) of engine oils.
This test method covers the determination of basic constituents in the oil.
It is the test which defines the variations in the viscosity values.

PErformans Testi