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LUBEX HLP 32 / HLP 46 / HLP 68

Product Definition

LUBEX HLP Series are economic, HLP type hydraulic system, gearbox and lubricating oils which have been produced by blending high quality mineral oils with exclusive additives. LUBEX HLP Series are designed for systems in which resistance against wear and film layer formation is required. They are also suitable for systems where no wear is present and loading capacity is low.


LUBEX HLP Series are especially recommended for industrial and dynamic hydraulic systems which do not work under extreme pressure conditions.
DIN 51524 Part II (HLP), ISO 11158 HM, US STEEL 126/127 AFNOR N FE 48603, EATON (VICKERS) I-286-S EATON (VICKERS) M-2950-S
Package Product Code 18 Lt 4001 - 18 20 Lt 4001 - 20 205 Lt 4001 - 205