BELGİN Oil, following the technological developments closely, has identified research - development activities as an important part of its strategy. BELGİN has been maintaining its investments in technology and R&D increasingly since its foundation.

By creating a powerful system together with its expert staff contained, including academic circles and business partners, its technology and innovation-oriented vision of providing value-added solutions, constitutes the essence of BELGİN R&D strategy.

BELGİN R&D studies have been forming in accordance with our strategy and growth targets. With the knowledge and experience that we have in this regard, being a solution partner in the industry by creating superior, original, innovative, creative, and economical products in terms of technology and quality compared with existing products in the market; products that meet today’s and future needs of our customers, compatible with standards and that create difference, has been our main target.

Our studies that we conducted in line with this target have been becoming prominent as original studies since they are performed by considering the using conditions and intended use of the customers.



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