Belgin is one of the leading lubricant producers in Turkey with its deep technical expertise and long-term cooperation with its business partners dating from 1953 to the present day. Being one of Turkey's main exporters of lubricants, today Belgin proudly exports its products to over 50 countries across 5 continents. Responding to the needs of almost all industrial sectors, Belgin produces automotive oils with the Lubex brand and greases with the Greson brand. Belgin is a member of various international sectoral institutions such as ELGI (European Lubricating Grease Institute), UEIL (Union of the European Lubricants Industry), ATIEL (The Technical Association of the European Lubricants Industry) and has hand-in-hand relationships with universities for technological developments.

Lubex offer solutions to most of the car parks in the world with over 80 OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) approvals and API certified high-tech products. Lubex automotive oils are designed, developed and regularly updated by Belgin R&D Center to cope up with the most difficult conditions, environmental regulations and requirements for complex specifications. Lubex has been increasing its market share in Turkey and it’s export markets year by year at a growing rate. Lubex is the address of smart choice, with its innovative problem solving competencies, export experience, logistics skills and customer focused approach even under tough situations.

LUBEX - High Performance Motor Oil



Our vision is to grow beyond the boundaries with high-tech products.


Our mission is to create sustainable high added value for all our stakeholders by offering innovative, reliable and environmentally-friendly solutions for the global markets thanks to our knowledge accumulation since year 1953.


Health, Safety and Environmental Awareness:

  • To regard Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Awareness as our as primary issue either in business or out of business.
  • To put respect for human in the center of management understanding.
  • To observe rules for Occupational Health, Safety and Environment without any reserve.
  • As a BELGİN employee, to support the organization to fulfill all its legal obligations with regard to Occupational Health, Safety and Environment.


  • All BELGİN employees establishing an honest and consistent relationship with all shareholders particularly with eachother.
  • To believe that behaviours of all employees based on the personal integrity to be displayed against eachother will positively affect corporate belonging and employee motivation.
  • To maintain the relations with all shareholders within the framework of legislations and ethical rules.
  • As a BELGİN employee, to be aware that the future presence of the organization goes through to establish reliable relationships both within the institution and with the environment and society.


  • To be aware of innovation is principally an environment and atmosphere work.
  • To ensure to keep proper environments alive in establishing innovation.
  • To create environments that different ideas may easily be expressed.
  • Not limiting persons themselves to applications and specific acceptances coming from the past. To create new concepts and offers that will add new values beyond the needs and demands of market and customers.
  • As a BELGİN employee, to support the inclusion of innovative approaches in all products, services and activities with the awareness that the future presence of the organization depends on making a difference.

Achieving Together:

  • All employees see themselves as members of the Belgin family.
  • Recognising that everyone has a share in achievements, and knowing that everyone has the obligation to overcome difficulties.
  • To be open assitance and cooperation. To value collective mind.
  • To give priority to team works in improvement and development.
  • As a BELGİN employee, to be aware of the fact that the organization can reach the corporate vision not individual but collective success.

Continuous Improvement:

  • On the way to perfection, to believe that continuous improvement understanding is a driving force.
  • To pursue the better and the more productive continiously by self-criticizing, questioning, and not finding those done enough.
  • To adopt a continuous improvement approach by considering all processes and feedbacks received from the shareholders and primarly from the customers.
  • As a BELGİN employee, to improve all approaches in the company with the PACT (plan-apply-check-take measures) approach.

Data Oriented:

  • To base the decisions taken in respect of BELGIN on data rather than emotions and experience.
  • To adopt the principle that employees convince each other based on data rather than their roles and positions within the organization.



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