Lubex: Perfect Lubrication Solutions for Your Project Success

We know very well that all your activities depend on meeting deadlines and staying within the budget. We understand that even the smallest problem can impact your overall costs and efficiency, and have a significant effect on the success of your project. For years, we have been working to provide the right lubrication solutions for these needs.

Lubex Robus heavy-duty diesel engine oils provide excellent protection for your equipment's engine, while Lubex Hydrovis ensures the precise operation of moving parts, Lubex Mitras offers complete protection for transmissions, and the Greson series ensures proper lubrication of parts that require solid lubricants.

Save with the Lubex Series

Did you know that using the right oils from the Lubex series can lead to significant savings in your maintenance costs? If you would like us to explain this to you in more detail and provide the figures, we are just an email or phone call away.

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Choose Lubex products for the right lubrication solutions and lower maintenance costs to ensure the success of your projects. Contact us to discuss the details. Bring trust and quality to your equipment with Lubex.


You can click on the link below to download the entire Lubex product family in PDF format.