Lubex Agros series help farmers to increase productivity and reduce their total costs.

We know that you rely on modern machinesin order to gain profit in the agriculture industry, and these equipments require modern and new generation mineral oils providing excellent protection and performance. It is very important to protect your equipment operating under all conditions and with maximum load.

Lubex Agros series consist of 4 seasons of tractor oils and special power transmission oils that fully meet your need in 4 seasons and, in particular, during the busiest sowing and harvesting periods. Our Agros series oils, designed in our own laboratory and R&D center with Belgin experience and assurance, help you to extend the machine life, and to reduce your maintenance costs, emissions and unplanned maintenance time.

High quality Lubex Agros series and Lubex Robus heavy-duty diesel engine oils are one of your most important supporters in protectin of your equipment and increasing efficiency. Agros UTTO is special power transmission oil displaying an outstanding performance in the transmission, hydraulic system, wet brakes, and power propulsion systems of your tractor and in particulat not making noise. Your tractor is under full protection at every period of the year with all-season tractor oil, Lubex Agros STOU, which was produced by blending high quality mineral base oils and special additives, and not losing its characteristics at any temperature.

LUBEX - High Performance Motor Oil



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